The Flirty Fringe

African American women are having a great hair day already in 2015 with the invention of several new hairstyles. The Flirty fringe is a glamorous look at home in nightclubs, on the red carpet, or even just at the office. Short-cropped hair is swept up from the crown, then back towards the back of the head to create a chunky wave of hair full of volume and life.


Razor cut bangs sweep from the side to add drama and help complete the look. Frosted hair tips can add even more drama to a flirty fringe, while natural colored hair makes this style feel very elegant and refined.


The flirty fringe is perfect for women who straighten their hair while still being fairly easy to upkeep. Just start with a hot iron to set the crown of the hair in place,


then finish by breaking the bangs up into a fingered fringe with a little bit of styling wax. A little picking from a rake comb will add tons of volume if things are looking a little flat. To help tame the frizzies, try smoothing some molding wax through your hair before using the hot iron to create the wave effect.

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