Ten Boho Hairstyles For Women

The boho or the bohemian styles have once again impacted the masses since after their popularity in mid 2000’s. Here we bring for you some of these wanderer styles including braids and buns and waterfalls which going to enthral you for sure.

Boho braid tuck


This is a simple but immaculate style. You just need a head band and yes, long hair. Just you need to do is wrap your hair up and around the band in small sections and here you go the immaculate style is done. You can also add up some braids to the style.

Water fall braid


Although this style is simple, but difficult to make, all you need is to control your hair. Make a parting of hair to aside and start making braid from one side. The trick is to let the braided hair flow down and take the new ones for the next twist. Reach the end, dropping the braided portion while taking in new.

Boho crown braid


What you need to do for this style is make a parting in one side, take a small chunk of hair and start braiding it up adding more hair to it. You need to go all the way round adding up hair, in the braid and when you reach the ending point of your hair , pin them up on the scalp.

Boho half braided style


Part your hair in three sections and braid up just the centre one to the end. Simple and easy just like that!!!

Boho braid


This is a simple braid in the boho category. All you need is to split your hair in two from the backside of your head. Tie up two braids each from a side and then twist them together. You can add up a flick or bang in it. Or you can even make a pony tail in the end instead of weaving them together.

Boho rose braid


This style is simple and easy to make yet captivating. All you need to do is take thin strands fron both sides of your head and weave them up in 2 separate braids. Make them join at the top of your head and weave into a single braid and securely tie with a band. The tricky part is when done pull your hair in the side braid. It will squelch the hair together which although a mess gives you the rose look.

Boho side braid


This style is easy to make. All you need to do is take your hair on one side and make a front braid. When it is securely tightened with the band, all you need to do is pull one thin strand of the hair down. The tail will squeeze upwards adding a messed up style to your hair.

Boho flower crown and French braid style


All you need to do is a French braid on one side instead of the middle and put up a crown of flowers on the head. The style is awesome for beach weddings.

Boho mermaid braid


This style is vivacious and funky and suits long hair. Part your hair to one side. Tie up the pony with rubber band and start making braid with thin strands adding up more as you go down the length. When no more hair left tie with a pony and cut the band you have added at the top. You can add flowers to add up the style.

Boho braided bun


All you need to do is tie up a braid like you do for the waterfall and when you reach the end of your hair on head you continue making the braid taking in the falling hair and then tying them up in a bun.

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