Short Layered Hairstyle Ideas

Layered hairstyles are very popular until now. You are wrong if you think that Layered haircuts can’t be styled much. They have many varieties. So if you want to get a layered haircut, you should know about layered hairstyles to improve its appearance.

Women often think that with a short hair, the choice they have when styling their hair is very limited. That is not true! Even with short hair, people can experimenting with many hairstyles and find the best one that will make them more beautiful. Short hair is even easier to style and maintain. If you have a great short hairstyle, it can make your face much more younger!

Short layered hairstyles looks classy and cute. So if you want to have a dramatic look, a layered hairstyle is a perfect choice. It can be used for a classy dinner party, or working in the office, or play with your friends, it will make you get the most attention! And even though it looks great, it’s also very easy to maintain, and it also make you look young and cute.

Layers also add texture, shape, volume and movement to a haircut. They can give a sexy texture to a straight hair, show your natural wave or curl and help to strengthen your hair. There are many celebrities who loved layered hairstyles because of that.

This new year is the perfect time to look for a fresh new look. You’ve made your resolutions, so now you should actually do something about it! We have collected some fabulous and trendy and practical and easy to maintain short layered hairstyles for you!

Shaggy Short Layered Hair


A shaggy layered cut with bangs. The length is almost-medium, but yet short. Perfect for faces with round or heart shapes.

Smooth & Chic Layered Hair
This layered cut is smooth, complex and really stylish. It can be styled in many ways, and the smoothed version looks very contemporary. It looks good in almost every face shape with the proper touch by a good stylist.

Short Brown Layered Hair
A brown, long layered short haircut that goes to the chin. To get a very textured look without making the hair look stringy, the layers are cut finely by using different techniques. You must go to a great stylist to get this perfectly.

Short Layered Vibrant Hair
It’s up to your personality and attitude, so no matter what your face shape is, if you think you like it, just do it!

Tousled Layered Bob
A layered bob cut with a tousled styling to enhance the look. The way it was side-parted and the long, side-swept fringe frame the face beautifully.

Layered hairstyles didn’t need a lot of maintenance. Even some of them are wash and wear types. If you try many different styles, I’m sure you’ll find the style you will love.


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