Short Curly Straight Prom

Teenage girls are in the years of deciding what they need. The early and even late years of teenage life can be very demanding among girls who are becoming very conscious of their looks especially related to their hairstyles. The main idea behind looking good for a prom is selecting the right kind of dress, shoes and obviously the right hairstyle.


Some girls may not have the right texture of hair which can be grown long and dressed into nice wavy locks. The only option for them would be to cut it short and dress it with a style that can still provide an esthetic look.

HOLLYWOOD - NOVEMBER 21:  Musician Carrie Underwood attends the 2009 CNN Heroes Awards held at The Kodak Theatre on November 21, 2009  in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Girls dressing up for the prom night need not worry at all as there are numerous options for the short hair. Even if they have curly hair, it can be cut very nicely in layers and also dressed up with hairspray so they stay in position.


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