Popular African American Short Hairstyles 2016

Most of the busy women love to handle short hair, specially the African American women. Due to their hair specialty, short hair style is very easy for them to care and carry. However; if you want to maintain your style, you have to regular trim your hair so that your hair will stay in shape. It is also important to moisturize your hair with the conditioning products.

Pixie Blonde Hairstyle


African American women are born with curly back hair normally. It can be a great idea to turn your black hair into blonde. Before you go with blonde short hair, you have to consider the tone of your skin with the hair color. It is not so easy to maintain blonde hair with black skin and blonde hair also gets dirty quickly. If you want to carry blonde hair, you have to give more attention and you have to care your hair.

How to Style

Prepare Your Hair: If you have black natural curly hair, then you have to prepare your hair for this style. At first you have to wash your hair and you have to use conditioner to make your hair smooth. Blow dry or even air dry your hair. Use a straighten iron to make your straight as it will help you to get the right haircut.
Decide Your Pixie Haircut Style: You will get a number of pixie haircut style to choose from. Take the help of the hair specialist to know which hairstyle will help you to give you a cool look! Choose the hairstyle according to the size of your face.
Bleach your Hair: If you have idea about how to bleach, then it will be great, or you can take the help of the professionals. Before you apply bleach you have to make it sure that your hair is dry completely. You can use a brush to apply the bleach. After bleaching, cover your hair with a plastic wrap. You have to wait for 1 hour to 1 and half hour to get the best result. If you find any area that still waiting to be blonde, then you can again apply bleach to that portion.
Wash the Bleach: When you will get completely blonde hair, now you can easily wash your hair to remove bleach. You will get bleach removing shampoos available in the market. You can try any of those according to your hair type.

Some Other Exclusive African American Short Hairstyles
If you want to try something really different, then you can try any of the following hairstyles according to your choice. See which one will work for you!

Finger Coils

This is one of the pretty hairstyles. Women who have soft black hair can easily carry this hairstyle. It is gorgeous as well as elegant. However; if you want to carry this hairstyle, you have to come with a lot of attitude. Oval shape face is best for this hairstyle. The women who have round face can also try this hairstyle.

How to Style

Apply natural hair conditioner after shampooing your hair. You have to clean your scalp all time.
Never apply too much heat as too much heat will damage your hairstyle. Always go with natural methods.
You have to moisturize your coils when you need to go outside. You can also use coil spray to make you coil stiff as well as permanent.
Short Wavy Hairstyle

If you do not go with very short hairstyle, then this hairstyle will be good for you. You can go with this medium length short hair. You can also give it a medium curly look to make your hair look more elegant. You have to cut your hair above your shoulders. You can also highlight your hair or if your hair is naturally black, then it will be great.

How to Style

Wash your hair with shampoo and apply natural hair conditioner. After that blow dry or even air dry your hair
When your hair will dry completely, you can start styling. If you want to give your hair a wavy look, then you have to use a large curling iron of 1 ½ inch. Before using curling iron apply heat protecting cream. Make curls according to your own choice. You can also use rolls.
This hairstyle goes great with the women who come with round, oval or even square face shape.

Very Short Hairstyle

This is a very popular hairstyle among the models as well as celebrities. This is a very short hairstyle that you need not to style before you go outside. What you need to do just to clean your hair all time.


You can apply hair moisturizer to make your hair smooth. Before you go outside, you can apply hair spray pr even hair shining spray to give your hair a nice look. You need not to comb your hair; even you need not to use any hair styling products just like flat iron or even curling iron. However; if you want to maintain your super short hair, al you need is just to trim your hair regularly. You will be able to maintain your super short hair. If your face shape is long, heart, diamond or even square, then this hairstyle will go great with you!

Get Ready to Change Your Style

It is not a matter when you come to a decision to cut your hair short, you have to just make it sure that your change is absolutely positive. Short hair will require very low maintenance and you have to trim your hair regularly to maintain the style. Maintain your hair beauty routine. Choose the hairstyle that will fit with your face shape. You will get many choices, but you have to choose the style that you can carry easily.

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