Pictures of Black Women Hair Styles

Not considering the races or regional barriers, which have separated people on the planet for centuries, women all over the world, have one thing in common their endless beauty issues. Women have been created by the Almighty with an intrinsic hunger to be appreciated whether it be their work or more important for ladies their looks. As the history quotes that Aphrodite, a women, was the Goddess of Beauty, it is justified that the women are associated with the aesthetic field.


The hair styles of the past were simple, conventional not to mention very stereotypical. One hairstyle sufficed for the entire mass of women in the same location, time and space.

Then, with the breakthrough pace of advance of the modern technology, everything now comes with at least a 1000 different versions. Such is the case with fashion as well.

Nowadays, with the explosive progress of fashion industry everywhere, there has been a certain trend set for the hair maintenance and management in all parts of the globe. Still the cultural and geographical distribution offers a lot of diversity of hair styles specific to each area.

The Black women have also emerged today to be the world’s most sought after icons in media, politics, art, entertainment etc. The Black women to this day rule the Western music industry examples being the performances by dynamic women like Beyonce, Rihanna and Leona Lewis which set the crowds getting wild. The proof of the Black domination is that at Hollywood, the highest earner and the most powerful celebrity is Oprah Winfrey. Michelle Obama being the American first women further strengthens the concept.

The type of hair also matters a lot in the styling of hair. The Black women, as a whole, have strong, mostly frizzy and bushy hair. The popular tradition with such hair is to wear them as dreadlocks, complicated braids, structured braids, messy curls etc. However, as the world has stepped in the 21st century the Black women have taken a U-turn from the usual quite confined forms of hair styles to new and innovative cuts. The experimentation has lead to the promotion of short sleek or wavy bobs, weird and loud colored hair, the conventional complex braiding, messy untidy curls, corn rows, plaits, twisted coils etc. have made a rising trend in the modern era. The Black women genre of hairstyles speaks of neatness and business mixed with style and fun. Sometimes it may even appear over the top funky and adventurous. But thanks to the trend industry and technology there is a wide array to choose from for women of all kinds.

The jumping in of the talented hair stylists in the Black women hairstyle area has lead to the introduction of the fusion of the western hair styles with the typical Black hair styles resulting in the rage of the season looks. This has gained immense popularity due to the fact that these hair attires can be adopted by everyone.

The in demand hairstyles are the cropped haircuts. These may be a bit short and unorthodox for a lot of ladies but the benefits of this haircut are many. It is less fussy, can be handled with a few brush strokes and can be customized to each face type. Not to mention its increasing popularity heralds the fact that it is the ultimate choice for the working or business class women as well as young girls wanting a different and stylish looks

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