Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

I’m sure you have gone to some formal events. If you want to know some cool short hairstyle for formal occasion, read this article! It provides some good examples to inspire you for many new ideas that can give you a perfect fashioned look for a social gathering.

Women with short hair is usually confident and noticeable in a group. But, it’s actually true that women with short hair often don’t style their hair, even in some formal events which hair styling should be done. Whereas styling your short hair for formal events is not impossible.

For formal events, a cool pixie cut in many versions can match your taste and make you look younger. You can also try a new-age bob with angled side locks and a front fringe with a twist. However, since short hairstyles can’t look good to all people, you can make it a special part of you, by picking the best one that will compliment tour face shape. Here are some hairstyles for your inspiration.

3 Best Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair

Wavy and Curly Hairstyles


Short hair can also use curly hairstyles! People who said it can’t is absolutely wrong. You should be amazed to the potential of your hair to be styled into so many hairstyles!

See Curly wavy formal hairstyles for short hair Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair women hair short hairstyles photo

How to get it:

Damp your hair by applying a shine-enhancing cream or gel, then blow-dry it with a round brush.
After that, create a deep side part and curl your hair all over using a one-inch barrel curling iron.
For a sexy and cascading effect, you can finish by letting your fringe hung over by pinning each side behind your ears.
Pixie Haircuts


For formal occasions, pixie haircuts are perfect. It looks great in a straight hair, and if it was sprayed with some mousse, it will keep tidy during the events. But, even though you can easily make it looks funky, if it was for a formal event, it would be better if you keep it simple.

See Messy short pixie haircut Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair women hair short hairstyles photo

A pixie haircut with a messy style and very short in the front.

Bob Hairstyles


If your hair is a little longer, you can try some bob hairstyles which is popular these days. There are tons of bob hairstyles so you can choose a simple bob like on the picture below.

Formal haircuts elegant short bob

A bob hairstyle with medium-length. Long at the sides and a bit longer on front. It looks awesome.

To make these styles always look and feel beautiful, you have to maintain your hair properly and keep it healthy. Moreover, to keep your hairstyle tidy all through the event, you should use a good hair spray or mousse after you style your hair. Using a Shiner will give a rich and classy look to your hair. Also, if you think your hairstyle looks too plain, you can decorate them by using various hair accessories. Styling short formal hair doesn’t take a long time. So you can show these beautiful hairstyles with style!r

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