Fauxhawk Hairstyles – Unleash the Real You

During the day you are the conservative, mature professional, able to handle every problem thrown your way by customers, co-workers and your boss. People admire your level headedness and your sense of style. You, on the other hand, are looking forward to 5 o’clock, when you can throw off your sensible shoes, grab a pot of styling gel and unleash the real you.  No matter if your hair is long or short the fashionable fauxhawk hairstyle may just be the style you are looking for.

Unlike the Mohawk of the 80’s this style does not require you to spend endless hours at the hairdressers keeping the sides short, in most cases you will not even need a haircut to pull off a fantastic looking fauxhawk hairstyle. With practice you can create a fauxhawk hairstyle in just a few minutes making it the perfect hairstyle to transition you from day to night. What you will need to achieve this look is the natural oils which help hold the style in place, a tub of your favourite styling gel, a comb, pins, a mirror and some strong hold hairspray.

For those of you with long hair divide it into three sections from front to back. Use the gel to smooth down the two side sections slicking them backwards. Now comes the fun part, divide the remaining section into two parts securing each into a pony tail close together.  Using your comb tease the front section in true 80s fashion, this will give you a fantastically high fauxhawk hairstyle.  Carefully comb the teased section backwards, creating a smooth top layer, push forward slightly allowing full height in the front section, secure with bobby pins. After a generous application of hairspray you are ready to rock.

For those of you out there with short hair, your fauxhawk hairstyle transformation is even easier. The first step is the same, divide hair into three sections and slick the sides down. Use a flat iron or hairdryer to spike the middle section upwards.  Thin hair may require some teasing in order to achieve volume. Choose a strong hairspray which is not too heavy for your hair. Once again be generous with the amount you use, it will help maintain your style all night long.

Voila! You now have a great fauxhawk hairstyle which will be the envy of your friends. Get out of the office and hit the town. No matter who you are, if you have an inner wild child the fauxhawk hairstyle may just be the style you are looking for to unleash the real you.

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