Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair

You are lucky if you have medium hair! It can be styled to be so many hairstyles. If you want to know about some cute haircuts for medium hair, read this article!

Medium hair are flexible, easy to manage and will make you look great! You can do tons of experiments with them. Medium hair is adaptable, even they will highlight your facial features and enhance your image. No matter if you style them with bangs, curls or layers, medium haircuts will always make you look stylish and sexy! Interested to try medium hairstyles? You can try some of the best hairstyles below. Make sure you choose the best one!

If your hair is medium length, you are lucky. You will be able to try many hairstyles without many thinking! When going to office, you can just tie them or make a messy bun then secure them using bobby pins. You can try to let loose your hairs and curl the edges of them to make you look stunning. For other wonderful medium hairstyles, check our list below. Those hairstyles will blow your mind and make your head’s entry spinning!

Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Sleek Bob



Sleek bob for medium length hair

Keep the layers minimal. Make the edges choppy and let them loose just above the collarbone. The long and slightly angle bangs will lengthen and slim your face up.

Tapered Layers


Tapered Layers for Medium Hair

This hairstyle is a layered haircut. Doesn’t only the hairstyle that looks good, it will also highlight your facial features.

Shoulder-Length Layers


Shoulder length layers

This hairstyle is similar to the “Rachel”, a medium haircut with many layers that was popularized by Jennifer Anniston in Friends, circa 1995. But this hairstyle is much softer and rounded. It can be used in every kinds of face shapes.

Sideswept Bangs


Sideswept Bangs

A long layers, soft, side-swept bangs will flatter everything around it. This style WILL work on almost every face shapes.

Red Alert


Medium Red Hair

Simplicity is the best! The long layers in the center will add movement, and the vibrant crimson shade is just simply stunning!

Do the Wave


Cute Medium Wavy

You can also wear your wavy hair! If your hair is layered, you should cut your hair near the chin length so that the curls on the top won’t be too springy. And don’t forget, cut your hair to follow its natural loose swirls.

Now, I hope you have an idea about what hairstyle you should use. You can experiment with many kinds of hairstyles, you can try reading our other articles below. So, good luck and get the best hairstyle!



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