Celebrity Short Hairstyle: Look Edgy and Sexy

With the passage of time there have been great changes in the taste and preferences of the people and hairstyles have not remained immune to these transformations. Long archaic locks, of 1940’s, with curls, parted sideways are highly contrasting to newfangled idiotically-short hairdos that are popular among celebrities, which is understandable: they are easy-to-wear and takes less time to get set.

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The Flirty Fringe

African American women are having a great hair day already in 2015 with the invention of several new hairstyles. The Flirty fringe is a glamorous look at home in nightclubs, on the red carpet, or even just at the office. Short-cropped hair is swept up from the crown, then back towards the back of the head to create a chunky wave of hair full of volume and life.


Razor cut bangs sweep from the side to add drama and help complete the look. Frosted hair tips can add even more drama to a flirty fringe, while natural colored hair makes this style feel very elegant and refined.


The flirty fringe is perfect for women who straighten their hair while still being fairly easy to upkeep. Just start with a hot iron to set the crown of the hair in place,


then finish by breaking the bangs up into a fingered fringe with a little bit of styling wax. A little picking from a rake comb will add tons of volume if things are looking a little flat. To help tame the frizzies, try smoothing some molding wax through your hair before using the hot iron to create the wave effect.

Trendy Hairstyles for the Office

Here are a few styles that are perfect for the office:
Side Ponytail

As opposed to doing the usual ponytail, why not try to restyle it to the side for a different take on a classic trend. The side-swept ponytail is ideal for work and will look smart and sophisticated with any outfit.
By gathering all of your hair to one side and securing with clips or a bobble you will have a look that will look smart enough for an office environment. Make sure you keep the ponytail at a mid or low height and leave a few strands around the front to soften the look. Alternatively you can style your ponytail so that it looks sleek and swept back with not a strand of hair out of place.
You can also vary this style by slightly waving the hair by twisting sections of your hair with straighteners. There’s also the option of achieving a side braid by plaiting your hair down the side right to the end and securing with bobble.
Short Hair

If you have short hair it is much easier to style and get creative. By backcombing the hair slightly at the roots and adding a volumising spray you will be able to gain volume and body at the roots which will help the hair to look fuller and thicker. You can also change your parting to alter your look slightly, and secure using a touch of hairspray.
Half-Up do

The half up and half down style is a classic that is easy to achieve and works well on both straight and curly hair. When you have curly hair, this style will help to tame your curls without losing the style. This look can be created by pinning up the upper part of your hair with clips and allowing the bottom of your hair to be loose.

New Cute Curly Hairstyles For Short Hair 2016

Curly hair is horny and everybody can put on it. They take a look that goes with any event. When you’ve got curly, frizzy hair, use a wealthy or enjoyable hair product and let hair dry naturally. Curly hair with loops provides an additional contact to the hair that may’t be beat. Watch out as a result of they might trigger your hair frizzy, careworn, damaged and injury particularly on the ends. Do quick and medium hairstyles for the look of magnificence with a number of curly strands.

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Mature Look With Short Messy Hairstyles For Women 2016

The mature women can try short messy hairstyles for women 2016 if they have brittle, frizzy and wild hair texture. The messy style can be applied in any kinds of women hair textures. Those who have sleek, straight, wavy brittle, frizzy and curly hair can sport it well. It becomes popular for those who want to look different. If you decide to go to the office, you have to avoid short messy hairstyles for women 2016. It can make you look unprofessional. You can try messy look for the casual or semi formal occasion.

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Short Hairstyles with Weave 2016 for Good Extension

Short hairstyles with weave 2016 are beautiful for the women who want to give a fuller effect on the hair. A hair extension is one of the good technologies that people can use to increase beauty. Actually this item is not new. There are many famous singers and entertainers who sport the weave extension before such as Tina Marie, Tina Turner and Diana Ross. When they are on stage, the look like a goddess. The full curly hair hypnotizes the people. It makes the face look beautiful and glamorous. This weave extension is needed for the women who want to have long hair instantly.

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Hairstyle Long Hair In Back Short In Front For Cute Style

Get the cute style with hairstyle long hair in back short in front. You can make the appearance look classic and elegant with a nice bob cut. Many people consider that a bob cut is very simple. But you can make it unique with short hair in front and long hair at the back. This style is called as the inverted bob cut. You can make it elegant and nice with the right maintenance and styling. When you decide to choose this style, ensure that you can do a blow dry when styling the hair.

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Short Funky Hairstyles With Unique Style

Short Funky Hairstyles – Teens is the time to explore and experiment with new styles, both in clothing, accessories or even visible. Haircuts and hairstyles that are very experienced in adolescence. Youth is the vibration of life and lost in a style that is sought is definitely not recommended. Teenagers are the glory days and humming joy of life. It is usually surrounded by friends and much more influenced by fashion magazines and media. If it is a good idea to look for glossies to understand trends, unique style itself should be adopted in a particular hair style.

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