Blonde Hairstyles- How Light Does It Get?

Whether it is Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna or Annie Lennox, they might be different personalities, but they have one thing in common: blond hair. Long and wavy, half long and curly or super short and spiky, there is a blonde hairstyle for everyone. So very much depending on your mood will you be able to change the coup. But keep one thing in mind: there are hardly any natural blondes in this world, so you will have to get it dyed.

If you have straight, sandy looking hair and you would like to do something different, then think of adding some highlights or blonde streaks. If you are really in for a makeover, then cut it short and dye it. It will be maintenance free for about four to six weeks, but will then have to be redone if you do not want to show your darker side. It might get a little expensive if the hairdresser has to do it for you.

The way to get a blonde hairstyle is dying it with bleach or peroxide. But please be careful, as it will stain. Use an old or white towel so that the stains are not visible. If you do the dying yourself, then make sure that you only dye the roots as too much bleach or peroxide can break the hair if it is overdone. You will notice that your hair feels much drier, so the use of a good conditioner is advisable.

A hairdresser will always warn you when you change over to a blonde hairstyle, particularly when your hair color is dark or red. These colors usually turn out to be more orange or yellow. The hairdresser will either use a silvery wash to lighten it up, but will indicate that it will turn more blonde when dyed more often. When you have short hair, the results will be there quicker, then when the hair is longer.

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