Best Black Curly Hairstyles for 2016

It is believed that the majority of black women curly black hair. For the few who have straight hair, you can style your hair in a black curly hairstyle you on various special occasions, formal and casual wear. In this write-up today we will share with you the various black curly hairstyles that will look great on you, regardless of your face shape.


For African American women or black women with naturally curly hair, I do not recommend that you only on this hairstyle you to stay. It’s time for you to try and new curly hairstyles, which in turn makes you attractive and appealing.

Come with me as I take you through some of the best and outstanding curly black hair styles that look good on women with either long hair or long hair. We have a step by step guide to the instructions to the new style and every look, the necessary hair products and tools you need and face shapes that look more like each contain certain curly hairstyle. Enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to let us know your views on hair caught in the comment box at the end of this post to share the eye.


Curly hairstyles with rods FLEXI
In this hairstyle, you are your loops with flexi rods instead of curling iron or any other way you know of to create loops. This is the safest method to create natural curls in her hair, because it does not heat that can damage or destroy your hair fall out.


HOW TO CREATE & STYLE curly hairstyles with rods FLEXI
Start with the Wash. Her hair with clean cold water During the washing process, condition and detangle your hair to remove the painting node.

After ensuring that all your hair thoroughly cleaned and effort, apply a leave-in conditioner and control products for your hair. Distribute the conditioner and products in the hair on the head from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Now it’s time to get ready a part or section of your hair it for the application of flexi rods. You are about to separate, and comb section 1 or 2 inches of hair that you can use to set the Flexi-rods to create loops in the hair.

Before use, place flexi rods, fold a final document to the hair and pull the ends of the hair.

Now you can use the ends of the hair on the basis of a flexi bar created for you can wrap this section. Then roll the hair perpendicular to the roots. Secure the flexi rod in place. You can bend.

Repeat this process until when all the hair on the head is all over. The application of the flexi rods, remember to always start from the back and forward.

Let your hair dry by sitting under a hood for about 35 to 60 minutes. This will define curls when your hair dry with rods.

You can download the ends of your hair before leaving the dryer to make sure they are dry feel. If your hair is completely dry, carefully remove the flexi rods without changing the shape of the loops.

I think now you are good to go after the removal of the stems. Easy to small amounts of oil to your hair to make it brighter and more attractive.

Alternatively, you can bulky for a fuller look to separate the curls. Her curls are sexy, vibrant and attractive to look after separating them.

Now you are ready to go, just apply a fixative easily maintained and you will be good to go, to make the heads and necks curve at work or on the road.

Products and tools YOU NEED HAIR:
– Clean Water Cold
– Softener
– Shampoo
– Brush Detangling
– Leave-In Conditioner
– Setting Products
– Rat tail comb
– Flexi Rods
– Hair oil
– Bonnet Dryer
– Hairspray

Face shapes RECOMMENDED:
This hairstyle looks to ladies of all face shapes large. You just need your facial hair style in a way that best fits and complements your facial features. I would recommend this hairstyle for women with long hair medium length, because it is a little hard to style short hair.

Are you in need of some black curly hairstyles in summer simple? If so, then look no further than these curly hairstyles are worthy to consider in the summer months. They will make you amazing, look sexy and seductive. The look is easy to create new, because it will take less time to reach these curly hairstyles sexy and elegant summer.

No heat beautiful curls Bouncy:
There are many different ways you Loops without necessarily using a heat tool to create your hair. In this case, we will share with you another beautiful curly hairstyle no heat, every black woman should try and sexy curls bouncy. Come with me as I put you through step by step how to create these beautiful curls bouncy no heat.

HOW TO CREATE & STYLE no heat Bouncy beautiful curls:
Start with dry hair. With dry hair, I mean a day or two to dry hair that is moisturized and tangle free.

Part your hair on the side of one’s own desires and then look at yourself in the mirror in front of you and smile. Girl, you look hot, attractive and nice.

They are now part of the rest of the hair so that on a small portion of work at a time. Add products to each section you will be working that will help on the nodes. Add product Roots, go to the ends of the hair.

If you need more airtight and grinding, you should be able to achieve these loops small branches. For large knot loops is deformed or shortly after shaping and the need for small or smaller nodes decide lose their shape.

To create nodes, divide the hair strands in this section in two and turn against each other until the ends of the hair. Wrap the ends of the hair around the base or roots, rotation and secure with a bobby pin or two.

Repeat these steps until when you put all of your hair in knots and secure. Let the node for one night, so that the loops in a position to define. You can cover your head with a satin cloth or scarf when you go to bed and do not forget to use a satin pillowcase, as they retain the products of your hair moisture in your hair does not absorb as compared to cotton and other materials which the products Hair withholding of moisture makes the hair dry and frizzy absorb.

The next morning, remove carefully unscrew hairpins and the nodes. Add a little oil to curl your locks so that they shine and prevent or reduce. The separation between the towers to create loops, add a little to prevent frizz fingertips oil.

Gently with your fingers through your hair to make it fuller and bigger. You can lift the roots of the loops with a wide tooth comb, and you are good to go.

Hair Products and Tools You Will Need:
– Parting Comb
– Hair clips
– Setting and styling products
– Bobby Pins
– Hair oil
– Or satin scarf dress
– Pillow Satin Pillow
– Large comb teeth

Looking elegant hairstyles in style less than 20 minutes? This elegant black curly hairstyles is the best choice for you to try, because they make you look smart, beautiful and sexy. They are easy to style than most of them will be less time to get a finished look, take.

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