Trendy Hairstyles for the Office

Here are a few styles that are perfect for the office:
Side Ponytail

As opposed to doing the usual ponytail, why not try to restyle it to the side for a different take on a classic trend. The side-swept ponytail is ideal for work and will look smart and sophisticated with any outfit.
By gathering all of your hair to one side and securing with clips or a bobble you will have a look that will look smart enough for an office environment. Make sure you keep the ponytail at a mid or low height and leave a few strands around the front to soften the look. Alternatively you can style your ponytail so that it looks sleek and swept back with not a strand of hair out of place.
You can also vary this style by slightly waving the hair by twisting sections of your hair with straighteners. There’s also the option of achieving a side braid by plaiting your hair down the side right to the end and securing with bobble.
Short Hair

If you have short hair it is much easier to style and get creative. By backcombing the hair slightly at the roots and adding a volumising spray you will be able to gain volume and body at the roots which will help the hair to look fuller and thicker. You can also change your parting to alter your look slightly, and secure using a touch of hairspray.
Half-Up do

The half up and half down style is a classic that is easy to achieve and works well on both straight and curly hair. When you have curly hair, this style will help to tame your curls without losing the style. This look can be created by pinning up the upper part of your hair with clips and allowing the bottom of your hair to be loose.